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When I first started this project, opportunity was only limited by the number of choices I was able to make. Times have changed, but my values have not.

Growing up in the shadows of Mt Rainier opened the door to the thrills and beauty of nature. My parents were adventurous souls; Yellowstone was an area my father called home in his youth and my mother was a ski patroller for most of her adult life. The appetite I inherited, so the wilderness I explored.

When I was young I became accustomed to being fitted for new gear every few years as my body grew. This joy for something new was always juxtaposed by my parents delight for their old and seemingly worn out stuff. Its not until I got a little bit older, and suffered with poor designs, that I truly appreciate when something good comes around; when its so good that you’re happy to use a little duct tape to keep it alive. After all, its these simple objects that allow us to make the most out of life.

During this same time my relationship with nature changed too. It became a simple and beautiful give and take between myself and the mountain or ocean. The snow and the water.

In both cases, my appreciation for nature settled on this more humble and intimate bond. To celebrate this, I sparingly use classic materials to create simple and humble products.

I now live in the bustling and dynamic London suburb Peckham, just far enough out of town to have a grove of old oak trees outside my window. This move has changed my perspective of adventure, focusing it on the realities of being an adult.

Taking the spirit of those few pieces of now vintage kit to be proudly displayed at the family cabin, I strive to deliver the same sense of joy as my creations get used over the years - no matter your environment. Minimalist designs and quality materials come together to make our daily adventures a success.